Welcome to Zumspiel (to play), the best place to find free online games including action games, adventure games, arcade games, puzzle games, shooting games, strategy games, sports games, and many more.

What does Zumspiel stand for?

When brainstorming a really cool flash portal domain name, all the English words were taken (go figure). So it was decided to use German because, because... No specific reason, really. At the time Babel Fish was used to translate some English words to German and the words "to play" meant "Zum Spiel".

Not bad of a name for a portal site - a place for flash gamers to go somewhere and to play games.

But shortly after purchasing the domain name "zumspiel.com" and building the site, Babel Fish updated their database and now "Zum Spiel" means "to the play". The words "Zum Spielen" (notice the 'en' on the end) now means "to play".